Terms and Conditions

  1. Please take a moment and check the accuracy of all the information you provided.
  2. Infocan reserves the right to cancel or make any changes to the seminar. No refund will be made unless the course is cancelled due to insufficient participants.
  3. The event may be cancelled/re-scheduled when typhoon no. 8 or black rainstorm warning is hoisted. Enrolees will be notified for the schedule of the make-up seminar. No refund will be made if the participants cannot join the make-up seminar.
  4. To facilitate the orderly allocation of enrolments, valid applications will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis. Infocan reserves the absolute right to make adjustments to the allocation of enrolments in response to prevailing application status.
  5. Each enrolee will be notified via EMAIL of the result of their application for enrolment. If you do not receive any notifications regarding the enrolment status, please contact Infocan.
  6. You are required to supply the data in order to process your enrolment. You have rights of access and correction with respect to your personal data. If you wish to exercise these rights with respect to your personal data held by us, please contact Infocan.
  7. Infocan uses the information you provide on this form to send you information about other products and services. Infocan will not share the information you provide with third parties except Infocan affiliates or agents or vendors without your permission except where necessary to complete the services or transactions you have requested, or as required by law. If you prefer not to receive mailings from Infocan, please notify us at training@infocan.net. We will promptly update your contact preferences; however, you may still receive previously-initiated promotional communications from Infocan.

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