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Active Directory

In order to better facilitate and control network access and security, organizations often use an Active Directory (AD). We can help your organization prepare and implement an AD domain controller, while also setting up domain trust for your domains.

After setting up new domains, we can also help you migrate objects from the old domain to the new domain. Our experienced engineers will help minimize disruptions, making the process transparent to end-users, while ensuring the levels of access users had in the original domain is retained. Our team will also assist IT Administrators adapt to the new environment.

Backup Solutions

We provide total backup solutions, including data protection applications, backup applicance and tape technology. We can help to establish and implement backup strategy and, backup best practices for clients.

We also provide consultation services to help clients address specific backup issues they face, focusing on fine-tuning their backup methods and resources planning for their backup strategies.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery (DR) is gaining importance as companies place more emphasis on business continuity. DR plays a vital role in ensuring the continued smooth operation of an organization’s technology infrastructure and all aspects of business functioning, after encountering disruptive events.

We provide comprehensive DR solutions for our clients. We suggest the best solutions for the client’s needs, based on their requirements, and existing infrastructure environment. This customized approach ensure our clients get a customized solution to meet their specific business needs.

Email Archive

Email archiving aims to preserve all emails, while also making them searchable. Email archiving solutions capture the email’s content either directly from the email application itself or in transit through the servers.

The importance of email archiving has grown as certain industries now require email archiving for regulatory compliance and legal purposes. We provide total solutions to meet your organization’s specific archiving needs, from planning, to implementation.

Email & Messaging

Efficient and reliable email and messaging is crucial to businesses around the world. We are experts in setting up and maintaining email and messaging systems, having helped many clients throughout the years. We offer customized solutions to meet our clients exacting needs.

We also offer consulting services for email and messaging services. We first understand the needs of our clients, then suggest the best solution based on the client’s circumstances, ensuring the client select the best possible solution for their company’s needs.


Virtualization has become a norm in the IT world. Effective use of virtualization helps organizations by providing an environment that is simple to manage and highly reliable, while offering high performance. Most companies have moved to virtualize their physical servers, realizing significant cost reductions and increased productivity.

In order to fulfill different client needs, we can implement a wide range of virtualization platforms. We will draw on our vast experience and recommend the best solution to meet your organization’s specific virtualization needs.

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