About Us

Since establishment in 1989, Infocan Computer (Hong Kong) Limited has been one of the leading IT consultancy and training providers in Hong Kong, providing premium IT services to assist and equip companies of all industries in adapting to the rapidly developing technological advancements in today’s digital technology era.

Infocan is committed to providing all-rounded IT solutions uniquely designed for the operation and strategies of each business. These solutions and services range from technical support, systems management, and project management, to software and hardware systems infrastructure setup. Over the past 30+ years, Infocan has provided tailored solutions to over 2,000 clients, developing a sound understanding of the needs and requirements of clients and their respective industries. Through the use of technology, Infocan strives to help clients overcome and prevent obstacles, or ease complex operations, to improve workflow and effectiveness of overall business operations.

Aside from providing clients with IT solutions, Infocan also endeavours to train and nurture the current and forthcoming generations of IT professionals, equipping them with skills and knowledge applicable to relevant businesses and industries. Infocan conducts approximately 300 IT training courses to an average of over 12,000 students per year, with courses spanning a wide variety of skills and applications. New courses are designed every year to ensure the knowledge and skills being transferred are up to date with the technology and the digitalisation across industries. More recently, Infocan has been participating in the “STEM Internship Scheme” collaborating with various tertiary institutions in providing applied IT training courses and professional exposure to young IT talents, preparing them with professional knowledge and experience to ease and shorten the transitional period into the work force. 

With the experience and professional knowledge in IT training and solutions, Infocan is equipped to provide unique solutions and support clients through adopting new technology, skills, and methods, to meet the requirements of the ‘new normal'; making Infocan an ideal partner in the digitalisation of enterprise systems and operations.